The working relationship between web developers, web designers and graphical designers can be pretty frustrating . This is because the designer creates something which will be valued by taste. And the more people involved the more debate about it (most if the time). The graphical designer can't change the website, so people tend to ask for changes to the web designer or developer because they can.

First of all we need to take a look at the basics. How the responsibilities should be divided over the web developers, web designers and the graphic designers.

The basics:

  • A graphical designer creates designs and the result is an image.
  • A web designer converts an image/design to Html.
  • A graphical designer is responsible for the design.
  • A web designer is responsible for the webpage. Is it looking accordingly to the design, is it behaving accordingly to the design?
  • A web developer implements the created web design into the website and adds the server side functionality.

I think the workflow should look like this:

  1. Graphic designer releases the design
  2. web designer presents design
  3. web designer starts working
  4. Design change request  =>
    a. The request goes to the designer
    b. The designer releases the updated design
    c. The designer presents design
    d. web designer changes his design to the latest one
  5. web designer  finishes his work and reviews it with the designer  =>
    a. web designer makes the adjustments where needed
  6. The webpage will be released by the developer
  7. The testing will start
    a. web designer makes the adjustments where needed
  8. The web developer starts implementing  server side functionality

The process in step 4, 5 and 7 can go over and over again.

Some known pitfalls:

  • People who aren’t designer shouldn’t change the design without having the designer reviewing it.
  • People who want to change the design have to talk with the designer, not with the web developer.
  • The designer should release a new version when he’s ready. The developer will only make changes to the design when the designer releases a new version.

When the responsibilities are clear and known, it's only discipline (leadership) which will keep everything running smoothly.